Inside and Outside Seating & Takeaways

We are open for indoor seating (pre-booked) and use of outdoor space & takeaways. Current hours:- Wednesday – Saturday 10.30-4pm (last orders).

How it works….

Inside seating – as we are only able to offer a reduced number of tables, these need to be pre-booked. Full table service with the use of vintage crockery.

Outside seating & takeaways – simply turn up (other than for Afternoon High Teas which need to be pre-booked), check in and order at our safe serving hatch. Non touch menus are on display. We will deliver your order to your outside table & take payment either at our hatch or outside. Takeaways will be packaged for you to enjoy away from the premises. Sanitisers at the hatch & tables are available.

General detail and pricing is attached.

If in doubt, just call us on 01438 861930! X