Our Coffee

 Our coffee has never tasted better…. We’re very passionate about the coffee that we serve you.  That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to find beans of the highest quality, with a very careful eye on their provenance.  It’s also very important to us that our coffee variety is traceable back to its source to ensure ethical and fair trading. Every single coffee we prepare at Brewery Tearooms is freshly ground to order, that’s why it will never taste bitter.

Now onto our fantastic Baristas …Nigel, Sally-Ann, Leigh-Ann & Jo, who all know their beans inside out and have been on various training courses in order to perfect the art of coffee making & milk texturing. Hand pouring the perfect cappuccino is no mean feat and takes many hours of practice to perfect.  We’re very proud to serve you exceptional  coffee, and think its some of the best you’ll taste in the whole of Hertfordshire.

We also serve a wide range of loose leaf tea – see the full range listed under ‘Afternoon High Teas’, from the more well known teas like Breakfast Blend, Assam, Earl Grey, Darjeeling to the more exotic tastes such as Liquorice,  Lemon and Ginger, Gunpowder, Orange and Passionfruit to name but a few.  Our loose tea is brewed in lovely little china teapots (that don’t drip!) and served to you with a beautiful china tea cup to drink from. If tea or coffee is not your thing, our hot chocolate is pretty yummy as well, a choice of milk, white or dark, all hand made using real Belgian chocolate.


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