Charity Update

Wow, this morning we exceeded the £1,000-00 with Liz & Steve (see attached picture), long-time & loyal Customers, making a generous donating and surpassing this amazing target.
During our business careers, Sarah & I have met a lot of hardworking, inspirational, and dedicated people, however, none surpass Jasmin (founder of Cancer Hair Care), Margherita and their team. It is common for the team to be working long and unsociable hours. When talking to Jasmin it is clear she dedicates her life to helping others and simply loves what she does; she does not see it as a job but a calling.
The compassion and dedication of the team at Cancer Hair Care show is unwavering, we have worked with them for over 10 years and are always inspired by their attitude and motivation to help others.
We also know that every penny donated goes straight back into the community and helps those in most need, especially in these unprecedented times. Cancer Hair Care have had to adapt in these uncertain times, but their support is as important as ever. They receive dozens of messages each week with people thanking them for their support and service. See attached flyer highlighting some of their current services.
We cannot, therefore, thank you enough for raising over £1,000-00 over the last few days, it will genuinely make a difference. If you have not donated and wish to there is still time, please use the link as below. We will keep our fundraising pages open until the end of the month.
Once again, even into our eleventh year, the wonderful and loyal friends & customers of the Tearooms have supported our charity work – even during a worldwide pandemic!
Thank you, thank you, thank you……x

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