Re-Opening Update

As some of you will be aware, we have been operating a Home Delivery and Takeaway service since May, which is proving popular. The Government, however, has provided a date when Cafes can re-open their premises for visiting guests inside and out. Obviously, all businesses have their own considerations and for us health must come first. We have several older & vulnerable customers and our setting is unique. We must carefully consider the risks any operation can present to our customers, our team, and our family (our premises are part of our home). We are still amid a global Pandemic which is, sadly, growing.

Although we have every intention of opening our doors for inside seating, we will not rush into opening in this way. At this stage we are continuing with our Takeaway (via our Covid safe hatch & systems) and Home Delivery services (see posts and website for detail), which we are expanding as we go. Further, we will be returning our outside seating during July for those who wish to enjoy their takeaways, at a ‘safe distance’.

We will continue to monitor the development of the UK pandemic over the forthcoming weeks, and when we feel it is safe and there is an effective ‘test and trace’ system in place, we will consider opening our doors.

We will advise on the changes we have made to ensure we are ‘Covid Safe’ for inside seating in due course.

You will never know how much we miss our fully operational Tearooms and lovely customers. Although we have seen some of you through our new services over the past few weeks, it is not the same as hosting you in our unique premises. Despite our desperation to fully open our doors, health for all must come first. Rest assured we will ‘get there’ but need to exercise some caution and patience.

We treasure the support we receive and look forward to seeing you all soon. Don’t forget those takeaway and home delivery services, just call 01438 861930…x

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