Somewhere over the rainbow….

(Phase 1 of our reopening)

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the lovely messages we’ve received while we’ve been closed. As always , your support and encouragement mean a lot to us. We’ve missed the sounds of your laughter and chatter in the Tearooms and can’t wait to see you all again, and hear all your stories of this unprecedented period.

As you will be aware, we’ve been constantly busy while closed and part of our work has been eagerly monitoring current guidelines and considering phases of re-opening. We are pleased to announce that it is our intention over the next few weeks to roll out a home delivery scheme and a take-away service, initially through pre-booking collection slots.

We are re-configuring the layout of the Tearooms to facilitate these new services and enable us, our team and customers to remain safe/operate at no additional risk. An example of this is a new serving hatch at the front of the Tearooms, through which we will be able to deliver pre-booked take-aways while maintaining social distancing and avoiding the need to enter the premises.

We will be monitoring the Government’s guidelines to be announced next week and post further detail of the first phase of our re-opening thereafter.

At this stage, we envisage our home delivery service will include Afternoon High Tea, home baked whole cakes, traybakes & our legendary scones. Our pre-bookable take-out service will initially offer teas and coffees (full selection from our extensive drinks menu ), freshly made scones and a choice of home baked cakes and traybakes.

It is our intention to develop the scope of our offering as we go. Further, we will involve more of our team as demand builds. We will not, however, compromise on safety and everyone’s health comes first. Our mantra from the beginning has been to do the ‘right thing’ and we continue with that in mind.

If you feel these services are of interest or you have any suggestions then please comment or message us, we would love to hear from you.

Take care and keep safe. x

About Brewery Tea Rooms

Walkern's very own Tea Rooms.
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