Re-Opening Tuesday 28th February

We can’t wait to welcome you again!
As you know, we’re closed at the minute, but will be re-opening on Tuesday 28th February. During the winter break have been doing lots of cleaning and making the Tea Room beautiful; polishing and dusting the chandeliers and making sure the Tea Room is sparkling and ready for our new season. 
Sarah is out buying; hunting for beautiful peices of furniture and lovely new items for the Gift Shop, so we can open with a freshly stocked springtime shop, full of wonderful new and vintage delights.
New cakes are being devised and practiced in the Brewery Tea Room kitchen, with some wonderful smells escaping and plenty of delicious treats to be tested – the new season is going to be a very tasty one!
The new season will bring with it new opportunities to help local charities through events and fundraising, as you know all of our gratuities – donated by you – are donated to some very worthwhile local causes close to our hearts.
We’re enjoying having some time to spend preparing recipes, re-stocking, and having some time to relax, but already we’re looking forward to the new springtime season and can’t wait to see our customers again. We’re hoping to welcome new customers as well as old to share in the charm of Brewery Tea Room. We’re so much looking forward to welcoming you in February.
Kindest wishes from Sarah and all at Brewery Tea Rooms – see you soon!

About Brewery Tea Rooms

Walkern's very own Tea Rooms.
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