Our new blog…

Brewery Tearooms very own blog site…..

About Brewery Tea Rooms

Walkern's very own Tea Rooms.
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3 Responses to Our new blog…

  1. Jenni Stewart says:

    I love the website! It has been a very long winter, made all the longer by not being able to have my weekly treat at the oh so stylish and very welcoming Walkern Tea Rooms. I am now on countdown to cakes, trinkets and smiling faces – only 4 sleeps to go yippee – bring it on !!! x

  2. Thanks for your kind words, we look forward to seeing you…..x

    • John L Roberts says:

      I am in Mauritius and have just seen your fantastic website. Just wish i were a little nearer to pop in and have a cuppa with all you lovely ladies. Des Turner introduced me to you all in November 2015 when i was last over in Blighty. I wish you all well for the festive season and will make sure your amazing place is on my route map when i am over next. I have never been to a ;place anywhere in the world that was o friendly, welcoming and the fare hat was so tasty. You all have a special touch and are a great team. You are a model for the world. With my best wishes for a wonderful 2106 and beyond!
      john Roberts

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