Our Tea

Loose Leaf Tea


Black Leaf Tea Selection

Brewery English Breakfast Blend – A special blend of Ceylon and Assam tea. The perfect start to any day, brew up to four minutes, usually taken with milk.

Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea – A delicious alternative to traditional English Breakfast Tea, with the benefit of being free from caffeine.


Earl Grey Leaf – The Queen Mum’s favorite tea! Large leaf, scented with the citrus oil of Bergamot. Wonderfully fragrant and great with cakes and sweet things. Usually served without milk and with a short infusion time.


Lady Grey – A Delicate, fragrant variation of the famous Earl Grey Tea, scented with bergamot, lemon and orange peel.


Darjeeling Leaf – Known as the ‘champagne of teas’, with a delicate and refined flavor – usually served with little milk.


Assam Bop – A bracing and strongly colored cup. The boldest of teas, especially popular with British tea-drinkers. Infuse for around four minutes, usually served with milk.


Lapsang Souchong – You will either love or loathe this one, known for its smoky flavor. Never taken with milk, sometimes a slice of lemon and a short infusion time

Russian Caravan – Named after the way in which tea used to be transported by camel caravans. A robust, smoky taste, best served without milk.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe – Processed using only the best leaves. Full of aroma and a fresh, lemony taste. Try with milk.

Ginger and Peach Tisane – Premium quality leaf tea, with dried ginger root and spicy peach. A taste of the Orient!


Chai Spice – A delicious exotic and gutsy Assam with whole spices for a true taste of India – It’s Bolly good!


Licorice – A pure and natural sweet infusion – great as a pick-me-up and aids digestion. Infuse for at least three minutes.

Lemon and Ginger Tisane – A very refreshing infusion with natural ginger to aid digestion and revitalise. Served without milk.

Rose Congou – Known as The Emperor of Teas, whole leaves of Chinese black Congou tea are dried with pure rose petals. Deliciously fragrant and refreshing.

Strawberry Tea – a delightful flower and fruit tea made with ruby red strawberries.

Blue Lady – a black tea blended with petals of mallow and marigold flowers, and flavoured with grapefruit, a delightful alternative for Earl Grey lovers.


Green Tea Selection


Jasmine Flower – An aromatic blend, scented with jasmine flowers. Delicious in the afternoon. Drink ‘pure’ without milk.

Gunpowder – A fine Chinese green tea ‘unoxidised’ meaning no chemical change occurs during manufacture. Taken without milk.

Chun Mee – A Chinese green tea, packed full of antioxidants and health benefits. Drink pure and infuse for at least three minutes, a small amount of sugar can enhance its flavor.

Passion Fruit, Guava and Mango – A light green tea with the sweetness of tropical fruit. Served without milk and best when given time to infuse.

Herbal Tea Selection

Chamomile Flowers – Noted for its calming effects and medical benefits. Served without milk, steep for three to four minutes.


Peppermint Cut – A cleansing, digestive tisane, refreshing to the palette and great after a heavy night out of if you just want to feel cleansed! Infuse for at least three minutes and drink ‘au naturel’.

Rooibos (Redbush) – Probably the most famous of the herbal teas. Naturally invigorating and caffeine-free. Taken with or without milk, sometimes with a slice of lemon or a little honey.

Fruit Tea Selection



Strawberry and Kiwi Fruit Tisane – Mouthwatering sweet strawberries and fruity kiwis blended with red hibiscus. All fruit, naturally free from caffeine and tannins. Drink hot without milk.


Passion Fruit and Orange Fruit Tisane – Tropical passion fruit and orange peels, artfully blended to produce a ruby red drink loaded with flavor but no caffeine.


Red Berry Tisane – Have a cup of healthiness! A sweet, fruity aroma of red berries, equally lovely in winter or summer.


Pina Colada – All the fun and flavor of a Pina Colada but without the alcohol. Packed full of fruit pieces with overtones of coconut – cheers!

Tropicana – a flavorful blend of Ceylon tea, tropical flavoring and flower pieces.

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